Leader of the Stonesmasher Clan


If Bouldrr is as stupid as he looks, it’s a wonder he’s able to stand up. Bouldrr epitomizes the “stupid Orc” trope, but makes up for it in sheer brute force. Built like a mountain, and about half as smart, Bouldrr has enourmous muscles covering every inch of him. He is bald, and cleanshaven, but dirty and unkempt, missing several teeth. He speaks in single-syllable words and phrases, and is often very difficult to understand. He wears a combination of animal pelts and split stones, which he dons as armour. He carries a massive maul which he uses to crush anything he likes for his own amusement.


Bouldrr is mainly too stupid to have much of a personality. However, he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. Despite having no cognitive abilities, Bouldrr gets through life by crushing the skulls of those that disagree with him. He is stubborn, bull-headed, and very hard to argue with.


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