Gurshh Blackmane

Leader of the Lionkill Clan


Gurshh has a mouthfull of sharp, pointed teeth, fiery orange eyes that blaze in the dark, and a mane of black, coarse hair that is partially lion hair, and partially his own (making it difficult to tell where his hair ends and the harvested mane begins). He has tan skin which is well-muscled. His hands end in thick black claws, and he wears little more than a leather battle skirt and a breastplate.


Gurshh is as fearsome an Orc as they come, with a passion for honour and glory. He always fights to his last breath, and expects his men and those around him to do the same. He scorns the weak, and mocks the frail, expecting only the best to follow in his wake. He is fiercely determined to complete his mission on his own terms, and quickly tries to lead the party his way if left unchecked.

Gurshh Blackmane

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