Krakk Spinesplitter

Leader of the Chainspike Clan


Krakk is fully draped in all manner of chains, manacles, and spikes, making him an intimidating sight to behold. Somewhat slighter in build than most Orcs, Krakk is lean, but well-muscled. He wears a short, scruffy growth of hair on his chin – an insult to most supporters of Krotusk and Grom, who believe that a beard is the symbol of the Warchief. Krakk carries a spiked chain, which he is usually seen toying with when not in battle. He wears chain-mail armour, which is visible beneath the other layers of chain and cloth he wears.


Krakk is sadistic, cruel, and evil to the core. He only wants to make others suffer, and makes a business of the practise. He is hard to reason with, as he is fuelled by chaos and the screams of those he attacks. When in battle, it is difficult to get he and his followers to stop killing, even for a moment.

Krakk Spinesplitter

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