Group Template

Group Template


The Sword of Bothh is a a kick-in-the-door, brash and brutal, fighter’s paradise. Magic users? Thoughtful rogues? Musical bards? All of these characters need not apply, lest they be ready to shut their brains off, and let brute strength do the talking! The Sword of Bothh will place a heavy emphasis on brawn over brains allowing for the Orcish mindset to take over, and dominate. This game will explore what it is like being an Orc during a time of war, and just what Orcs are capable of when left to their own devices. The players must be willing to enjoy this aspect of play. Emphasis will be placed primarily on combat, so prepare for battle!

Group Concept

Brash, brutish Orcs that seek to bring glory to Krotusk and their warchief, Grom. The players will be above-average warriors, possibly with renown abilities and skill rivalling most foot-soldiers of the Orcish horde. The players must ALL be Orcs from the region of Drobaan, and must fit into the basic guidelines below:
Orcs of Drobaan have skin colour resembling pigs and boars (pink, grey-pink, grey, black, mottled, tan, brown). Anything different must be cleared with the DM.
Orcs of Drobaan are clan-based. Create a clan that your character is from (or pick from the few the DM has created) and describe what your character’s clan is like. Clans must meet the following criteria:

- The Boar Clans are all from Drobaan, an African savannah-like environment.
- Ensure your clan members are melee-combat oriented. None of the clans are heavy magic-users.
- The Clans ride dire boars into combat. Other mounts are not accepted.

No player may play a magic class or skilled class, unless it is expressly cleared by the DM. This game is for Orcs, not for Elves!!!

Shared History

Each of the players comes from one of the Boar Clans of Drobaan. The players are loyal to Grom, the warchief of the clans loyal to Krotusk.

Current Situation

The war has been raging for over a year, and neither side has gained the upper hand. The Orcs of Drobaan are divided between those loyal to the Boar God, Krotusk, and the Demon Lord, Wargoth. The game begins with the players already engaged in a raid on a human village…

Group Template

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