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Welcome to The Sword of Bothh wiki page! In this section, you will find various information about the world of Telledor, including information about the Kingdom of Drobaan, The Boar Clans, history of the Stormcaller Empire, the warring factions of Grom and Wargoth, and much much more! All information located here is carefully tailored to reflect only what the characters (and by extension, the players) would already know. Any secret details have been carefully hidden so that players do not have to worry about discovering things their characters shouldn’t have access to. The sections of this wiki have been divided up with links to make it easy to navigate to and from this page. Have a look at the links below, and enjoy browsing The Sword of Bothh wiki page!

The Kingdom of Drobaan

The Sword of Bothh campaign takes place primarily in a savannah-like region known as Drobaan. Here the Orcs ride dire boars across the reddish plains, hunting, battling, and surviving using the tools that nature has to offer. Though the Orcs often rely on raiding human settlements for amenities such as weapons, tools and ale, these items are tangential to the existence of the Orcs, and are simply items that make the lives of the Orcs easier. In actuality, the Orcs are perfectly capable of surviving the harsh environs of the plains all on their own, and they have done so for generations. This section explores many aspects of life in the plains of Drobaan, offering a unique perspective into the lives of the Orcs. This section also details the history of the region, including details about the ancient Stormcaller Empire, which fell to Orcish attacks in centuries past.

Drobaan Region Information
Orcs of Drobaan
The Stormcaller Empire

The Boar Clans

The Orcs of Drobaan organize themselves not by community as humans do, but follow a rigid tribal structure where the strongest or oldest members of each clan reign supreme. The Orcs have no need for government, preferring a disorganized autocracy where power is constantly changing hands to those that can prove they deserve it. This is often determined by battles for supremacy, shows of superior strength, and other trials that rely on physical prowess rather than the mental acuity. The plains of Drobaan stretch wide from the Thunderhead mountains to the west to The Tusks to the east, and are completely devoid of permanent structures and settlements (save for a few ruins here and there). The Orcs are nomadic, typically riding where the hunt takes them. When food is scarce, the Orcs have been known to fight one another to assert dominance over hunting grounds. The clan structure keeps the Orcs safe with strength of numbers, and over centuries the Orcs as a whole have splintered into many unique tribes. This section details a handful of tribes the party may encounter during the course of the game:

The White Wasps
The Lionkill Clan
The Stonemashers
The Chainspikes
The Cursed Dawn
The Ghostmarrow Clan

The Army of Grom

The most fundamental guiding principle that drives the Orcs is their chaotic nature. Order, law, and conventional justice are all but meaningless to the Orcs, as they live freely guided by their inherent lust for self-expression. Therefore the Orcs of Drobaan may be violent, brash and downright despicable at times, but each one is living to the personal codes intrinsic to Orcish society. The Boar God Krotusk is the embodiment of the chaotic nature of the Orcs, having birthed the first of their race millennia ago. The Orcs of Drobaan have revered Krotusk since the dawn of their existence, following the ancient practices handed down for centuries by priests to Krotusk’s name. However, a threat has caused division amongst the Orcs, and those loyal to Krotusk face a formidable challenge to their ancient ways. Warchief Grom, a chosen follower of Krotusk now leads an army of Krotusk’s followers to thwart this evil, and restore chaos to Drobaan. This section details the following topics:

Krotusk The Boar God
Warchief Grom’s Army

The Army of Wargoth

The Orcs of Drobaan are governed only by chaos. Without the concepts of law and order, the Orcs are a disorganized lot, with few opportunities to reach their full potential. Recently, a powerful Demon Lord known as Wargoth appears to have recognized this potential, and has decided to enslave the Orcs to his malicious will. Through cleverly appearing to certain members of more persuadable Orcish clan, Wargoth has wormed his way into Drobaan as a threat to those loyal to Krotusk. It is unclear exactly why Wargoth wishes to enslave the Orcs in this way, but one thing is certain – the Orcs that have chosen to listen to his word have come to recognize Wargoth as a god, and now vehemently protect and defend his interests. This section provides details on the following subjects:

Demon Lord Wargoth
Wargoth’s Army

Player Resources

This section contains additional information that players might find useful. Documents such as the Group Template are located here, as well as other pages that might help inform the player how to better interact with the world while fitting in seamlessly with the story and tone of the game.

Group Template

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