The Stonemashers

The Stonesmashers

Leader: Bouldrr
Banner: A grey stone, split by a maul on a black background
Allegiance: The Army of Grom
Primary Class: Barbarian
Weapon of Choice: Clubs, hammers, maces and mauls.


The Stonesmashers are one of the strongest clans in Drobaan, based on sheer physical prowess. They are dumb as posts, and have trouble understanding orders, usually going where the fighting is, and laying waste to anything in the area with their huge weapons. They are adept at destroying buildings and weapons of their foes using their brute force. The Stonesmashers are usually grey-skinned, but any skin tone is possible for members of this clan. They adore rocks, and try to garb themselves with them when they can, usually hanging stones off of leather cords, or strapping large, split rocks to their armour.

Plot Relevance

The Stonesmashers are flighty, and go where the fighting is. They get very restless if they are forced to stay in the same place too long (a rolling stone gathers no moss), and do not follow orders well. Linguistically, they are the least adept of the Orcish clans, and few are able to spout words more than a single syllable in length. Because of this, their allegiance with Grom is very unstable. The Stonesmashers don’t believe in anything with enough conviction to remain faithful or loyal if the fighting stops long enough. Due to their strength, they are a useful addition to Grom’s forces, and would be formidable if they were to change sides.

The Stonemashers

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