Warchief Grom's Army

Warchief Grom’s Army

Leader: Warchief Grom
Banner: A black, crow-winged boar on a blood-red background
Patron God: Krotusk The Boar God
Base of Operations: Goruul
Goals: To defeat the forces of Wargoth and to return Drobaan to its former state.
Allied Clans: The Lionkill Clan, The Chainspikes, The White Wasps, The Stonemashers, The Ghostmarrow Clan, The Cursed Dawn, etc.


Due to the influence of Demon Lord Wargoth upon the realm of Drobaan, those loyal to Krotusk have taken up arms against this insurgence of order upon Orcish lands. Warchief Grom, chosen champion of Krotusk has taken his seat of power as leader of the clans in support of the virtues of The Boar God. With Krotusk’s divine favour, Grom leads his people with great resolve, commanding several armies to push Wargoth’s forces back. Thus far, the might of Grom’s ruling hand has made many of the Boar Clans receptive to his position of power, and Grom has found the support of many influential clans across Drobaan. However, his enemy has found just as much support for the opposing cause, which has kept Drobaan in a state of perpetual war for over a year. Neither side has gained much ground during the course of the war thus far, making Grom and his generals eager for solutions to the growing stalemate. Followers of Grom’s army are typically interested in freedom, and returning the plains to their original state. Most fight for the glory of Krotusk, or because they view Grom as the rightful leader of the Orcs. Those in Grom’s army hold to the traditional ways of the Orcs, spreading chaos, holding to honour, and fighting until death.

Warchief Grom's Army

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