Wargoth's Army

Wargoth’s Army

Leader: Warchief Murr’Gal
Banner: A green, crab-clawed, feral-looking dog on a black background.
Patron God: Demon Lord Wargoth
Base of Operations: Somewhere near the Bloodspring
Goals: To take over as supreme ruler of the Orcs, and wage war upon Telledor.
Allied Clans: Unknown


One of the realms that has piqued Wargoth’s interest as of late has been Drobaan. Seeing the ferocity of the Orcs, Wargoth decided to attempt to sway them to his rule as well by tempting an Orc by the name of Murr’Gal into his servitude. He granted Murr’Gal intelligence superior of all other Orcs, and sent him to rally the clans in a full-scale assault on human lands. Now Murr’Gal commands his armies in Wargoth’s name, militaristically enforcing strange new customs of hierarchy and leadership upon the clans that have joined his cause. The Orcs under Murr’Gal’s rule each fly the same banner, and even wear uniforms (though tattered and broken enough to just barely keep a sense of uniformity to the group). What’s more, the Orcs of Wargoth’s army actively seek and keep humanoid slaves in order to build monuments to Wargoth’s power and influence. This is seen as the highest of taboos for the Orcs who remain loyal to Krotusk, as taking slaves is generally regarded as being equal to announcing dependency upon weaker beings. In addition, the Orcs under Wargoth’s rule have made agreements with the Hill Giants, who now fight as part of the army. This is another point of contention for the Orcs under Grom’s rule, as the Orcs have always viewed the giants as pests, not to be consorted with, but to be driven out of Orcish lands. Of course, in breaking these archaic mandates, Murr’Gal has been able to advance his goals enough to keep Grom’s army from ousting him from Drobaan. The two warbands currently sit at a stalemate, each army as strong as the other. However, Murr’Gal is a cunning leader. Despite the strength of his enemies, he will not tolerate such a stalemate to last much longer…

Wargoth's Army

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