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The plains of Drobaan are wracked with brutal civil war. The Orcish Boar Clans have divided into two warring factions. One side fights for the Boar God, Krotusk, led by the indomitable warchief, Grom, a chosen paragon of Krotusk’s teachings. The other fights for the Demon Lord known as Wargoth, led by a despicable and intelligent Orc by the name of Murr’Gall. The battle has raged for over a year, and neither side has gained any advantage over the other. As the death toll rises, both factions seek any method that may grant them the upper hand. In the southern reaches of Drobaan, an Orcish General named Yatur leads a third of Grom’s armies. After a recent raid on a Weldorian settlement known as Velore, the Orcs have uncovered the location of an ancient sword, once used by famed warchief, Bothh, long ago to destroy the Stormcaller Empire. The players have been chosen to venture off on an expedition to recover The Sword of Bothh, and return it as a mighty gift for Warchief Grom. However, the sword now rests in the vault of a ruined Stormcaller City, rumoured to be crawling with undead. Will the Orcs of Grom return with the ancient blade, and use it to finish the war? Or will they join the dead that await them in the clifftop ruins they seek to traverse? The fate of Drobaan hangs in the balance…

Setting Overview

The Sword of Bothh is a standard “kick-in-the-door” style of Pathfinder game that embraces the most brutish and violent aspects of Pathfinder combat, and the most rewarding aspects of character roleplaying and creativity. Each of the players take the role of an Orc from the region of Drobaan, hailing from unique tribal clans. The players must each select a combat-oriented role, ready to kick, smash, and break any obstacle standing in their way (for more information on class restrictions and expectations, see the Group Template ). Despite playing hard-headed, ill-tempered Orcs, the players are encouraged to role-play their characters as they would in any other setting, allowing for a considerable amount of depth and interaction between the characters and NPCs. Where combat is concerned, the tone of the game could best be described as “fast, furious, and fun” with a high rate of danger. Players are encouraged to be creative in combat, and should imagine their characters performing incredible manoeuvres and attacks to destroy their enemies. The roleplaying feel is slightly different, and can best be described as being “serious and immersive with much room for levity”. One of the main goals of the game is to achieve the feel of a good action/fantasy film, encompassing the feeling of danger, the thrill of battle, the fun of comedic interludes, and clever (if still distinctly Orcish) banter. Despite the limited class choices and race requirements, the idea is to create a memorable story together, and this should ring true throughout every instance of play.

Glory Awaits…

Now that you know a little more about what The Sword of Bothh campaign is all about, you’re ready to begin exploring the sections included in this campaign page! I recommend starting at the wiki, where you’ll find many topics that detail the different elements of this campaign world. Since the characters hail from a culture with a variety of clans, why not check out the wiki page on the subject, featured here. Don’t forget to have a look at the forum, where you can open topics, and respond to threads on various in-game and out-of-game topics. There’s also a calendar section which we will be using liberally to plan game dates (you can even log in events of your own so that no one plans a game day over your important dates and events). And remember, if there’s an element of the setting that you would like to see represented in the wiki, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have fun exploring the information included on The Sword of Bothh!

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